We are internet marketing veterans who understand that getting customers to find you is no longer enough. Consumers research who to do business with before they make contact. They look for businesses they can trust and they believe reviews from strangers – more than any advertising you can buy. No matter where you get traffic from, search results, social media, or even advertising on signs or trucks, it is not enough.

Website Traffic is an expense.

Traffic that converts into customers – is an asset.

MezinGO is a creative solution that leverages customer feedback into an asset.

Unlike most successful startups, mezinGO has been and is 100% bootstrapped. We are personally invested in every aspect of the business. Our time and financial investments have come from our pockets, not outside investors. This means that you are treated like the most important customer in our portfolio. Because you are!

We focus our attention on those that are deadly serious about getting reviews and building their business. We want to work with you for years and be a part of your growth.

No matter if it is a support or a sales call, our phones, email or chat are on and you will almost always reach a human.